Top reasons to support the Annual Auction

  1. The funds raised pay for additional staff each year
  2. The funds raised keep Technology classes for our kids
  3. The Spring Gala features major Art projects created by our kids
  4. The Spring Gala is a great way to plan your vacation
  5. The money you spend can be good for your taxes
  6. The Spring Gala helps make our school exceptional
  7. The funds raised are used for resources felt by all kids in the school
  8. WE build community in the process​

Why Host an Annual Auction

FPE Foundation funds are the only way to provide additional staff (PEOPLE) for our school above and beyond the district’s annual staffing allocation. Funds will be used for additional teaching staff including Educational Assistants (EAs) and Technology to directly support teachers and students. The Annual Auction is currently our largest Foundation fundraiser of the year. The Spring Gala for years has brought together the community to celebrate our success, have some fun, and raise money.