Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Friends of FPE?

A: Friends of Forest Park Elementary is a charitable organization comprised of volunteer parents focused on informing, educating, connecting the Forest Park Elementary community while also raising financial support for Forest Park Elementary School. It is a merger of the former FPE PTA and the Forest Park Elementary School Foundation.

Q: What is the Foundation?

A: The foundation is the legal entity within Friends of FPE that raising funds for Forest Park Elementary School. The Friends of FPE and the Foundation are operated by a board of volunteers from the community.

Q: How are board members of Friends of FPE elected?

A: The foundation is a group of volunteer parents. New members are selected by the Foundation. If you are interested in serving, please contact any member of the current board.

Q: Are board members compensated?

A: No, board members donate all their time, and even buy our own coffee if we meet at Starbucks!

Q: If I donate money, can I specify how it's used?

A: Unfortunately, in most cases it isn’t possible to fingermark funds for certain projects. At times, we may have a focused fundraising drive (for example, for PE a while back), but staffing and funding decisions are made by Portland Public Schools and the Forest Park administration. However, input for parents and the community is generally warmly received.

Q: What is the Tax ID number for the Forest Park Foundation?

A: Our federal tax ID number is 20-1975263.

Q: What's the difference between the Foundation, Site Council and the PTA?

A: You are welcome to ask this same question to the other groups, but at a high level the following describes some differences:

  • Friends of Forest Park: group of community volunteers that raises money for the school and that supports school and community activities
  • Foundation: raises money for use by the school for hiring teaching staff (PEOPLE)
  • Site Council: state mandated body providing community input on educational content and programs (PROGRAMS)
Q: How many times a year will Friends of FPE ask me for money?

A: At times the Friends of FPE plans change due to changed circumstances, but our general fundraising activities are:

  • at the start of the school year, there is a general ask for donations;
  • before the end of the calendar year, we may remind people that donations are tax deductible;
  • our annual auction is generally in the Jan-Mar timeframe.

If there are shortfalls or PPS announces changes that we believe would adversely impact our school, we do from time-to-time make special requests. Of course all donations are voluntary, but we hope that you will continue to support Forest Park Elementary and our community. Thank You!

Q: Do you know if my company will "match" donations made to the FPE Foundation?

A: We have a list of companies we believe match donations, but you should check directly with your company to confirm our understanding. Click here for a list of Companies that Match.

Q: How is fundraiser money raised spent?

A: Money raised goes to the school to help fund gaps between what public funding provides and what parents want for their children.​

Historically funds have been spent augmenting staff, providing EAs, technology instruction, and other positions. (more specifics on this coming soon!)

Financials​ are publicly viewable here.

NOTE: If there are other questions you’d like answered, please don’t hesitate to let us know.